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Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone you care about has been injured, whether an auto-accident, a dog bite, abuse in a medical facility or injured on the job, you have learned the hard way that people do not always take responsibility for their actions. Insurance companies and their lawyers handle claims on a daily basis and actually make money by under-compensating injury victims. They also know that the average person has no idea what their rights are and will accept just about any amount of compensation believing that it is “fair”.

Hiring a personal injury attorney may be the best choice of action. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the laws and how to negotiate your case, both to the insurance company for the best pay out, but also how to take your case to trial.

A lawyer's fee varies from lawyer to lawyer and from state to state, many will charge a “contingency fee”, meaning they take a percentage of the money awarded when you win the case and nothing if you lose. (Though you may still be responsible for filing fees regardless of the outcome). On average, these “contingency fees” can range between 30% and 40% of the personal injury award. However, an experienced lawyer can help you obtain a settlement that exceeds what you would have won on your own, even with their fee taken out.

Choosing a personal injury attorney to best represent you takes time and careful thought. You can start by asking close friends or family members, who have been injured and won their case for their recommendations. If they are not able to help you, then you can always contact The American Bar Association, a professional organizations that offers a lawyer referral service. (Be sure to ask for 2 or 3 lawyers whose expertise is in Personal Injury Law.)

What to look for when choosing an Attorney to represent you in your personal injury case:

· A lawyer who practices personal injury law

· Someone who is willing and able to work with other professionals that may be needed to evaluate the severity of your injury and financial hardships caused

· Has experience and has been practicing personal injury law for some time and is knowledgeable of the current laws

· Is skilled at negotiating….sometimes you can settle your case outside of court saving time and money

· Is ethical and reasonable…sometimes a good lawyer tells us what we need to know, not what we want to hear

· Is compatible with you…you must be able to respect and be honest with your attorney, and they must be able to do the same

· Choose a Specialist – choose a lawyer who has experience with your specific case: medical malpractice, workers compensation, abuse or neglect in a medical facility

In addition, there are some very important questions you should ask a personal injury attorney during the initial consultation before you hire him/her:

· Ask if he/she will be the only one working on your case, or if not, who else will be?

· What is the expected time frame for your case to be resolved?

· What is their fee structure?

· How will you communicate with one another?

· Would he/she be willing to go to court if you are not happy with the initial settlement offer?

· Have they ever been suspended or been disciplined by an ethics committee?

As with any profession, there are some lawyers who will do a good job and others who won't. Take your time when deciding on hiring a personal injury attorney. In the end, it could save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

DISCLAIMER: The following information is not intended as legal advice or legal representation. It is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

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