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Welcome to Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners – Atlanta Business and Investor Immigration Law Firm where a collaborative, team approach ensures their clients’ needs always come first. When you work with the immigration lawyers of Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners you have their expertise and experience working for you.

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At Kuck | Baxter Immigration Partners their knowledgeable immigration attorneys provide detailed and informative legal representation in all aspects of immigration law; including:

Business immigration matters for large and small businesses, inventors, doctors, students, employees, families, asylum seekers and those wishing to remain in the United States.


For decades, the immigration team at Kuck | Baxter Immigration Partners has provided the highest standards of legal representation for their clients; from case preparation to representation in Court.

The Georgia immigration lawyers at Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners represent all Employment Based Immigration cases, including:

F-1 Status, EB-5, Labor Certification (PERM) Process, B-1 (Business Visitor) Status, E-1/E-2 (Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor) Status, H-1B Status, I-140 Petition, L-1 Status, O-1 Status, R-1 Status, TN Status, Religious-Based Immigration Processes, Visitor-Based Immigration Processes, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing

Citizenship and Naturalization

A temporary visa is the most common way for a foreign national to obtain lawful status in the United States. However, the ultimate goal for many is to gain permanent residency and citizenship, which is accomplished through naturalization.

The immigration lawyers at Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners understand the naturalization requirements can be long and confusing. They will work with you during the entire processing ensuring you understand what is expected and even represent you in federal court, if necessary, on Mandamus or 336(b) actions.

The Atlanta immigration attorneys at Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners represent all Family Based Immigration cases, including:

Adjustment of Status through Family, Marriage-Based Immigration, School-Based Immigration, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing, Asylum, refugees and TPS, Removal & Deportation, Citizenship and Naturalization, Waivers & Pardons

Marriage-Based Immigration

Understanding which visa is right for you depends on many factors. If you are not married, the first question you should ask is where do you want to get married; in the U.S. or abroad? If you want to getting married outside the United States it would be better to pursue a K-3 visa. If you want to get married within the United States, then it would be better to pursue the K-1 visa. The immigration legal team at Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners has extensive expertise in handling these types of cases.

Removal and Deportation

People who are without a lawful status in the United States face constant threat of being removed or deported. Sometimes, even a person with lawful status can find them self in this frightening situation. Whether you have failed to meet the legal status requirements, you stand falsely accused of a crime, or you never held legal status to begin with, the immigration legal team at Kuck|Baxter Immigration Partners may be able to help. Often times, removal or deportation can be stopped.