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Since 1976, the attorneys at Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard have been successfully representing injured people and the families of fatal accident victims. Our injury lawyers provide reliable, creative and resourceful representation for clients who have been injured as the result of car accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and other acts of carelessness and negligence.

Gonzalo Fernandez is a founder of the firm who speaks Spanish. This helps him better serve the Hispanic community.

Contact our law firm today for a free consultation to learn more about your legal rights and if you have a claim to receive financial compensation due to a serious accident or negligence case in Missouri. You will only owe a legal fee if we obtain compensation for you.

It is the goal of Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard to obtain the highest financial reward possible you need to recover— physically, financially and emotionally.

We represent clients in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County and Franklin County and across the state of Missouri in personal injury cases; including:

Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Catastrophic Injury, Wrongful Death, Fire, Electrocution & Explosions, Police Misconduct, Government Liability, Pharmaceutical Litigation, Dangerous Products, Products Liability, Insurance Litigation, Slip and Fall, Premises Liability, Birth Injury, Abuse and Neglect, Legal Malpractice, Professional Negligence, Boating Accidents, ATV Accidents, Aviation Accidents

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Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident, that is not your fault, then under Missouri law, you have certain rights. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is committed to limiting your legal rights as much as possible.

The law firm of Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard is committed to aggressively protecting your rights and pursue compensation to cover doctor and hospital bills, lost wages and pain and suffering you have incurred.

Our personal injury lawyers represent victims of all accidents, including:

Auto and Truck Accidents, Fatal Auto Accidents, Drunk Driving and Drug Abuse Accidents, Cell Phone Texting & Driving, Tired or Impaired Truck Drivers, Head-On Collisions, 18-Wheeler Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Uninsured Motorist Accidents, Bus Accidents, Train Accidents, Railroad Crossing Accidents, Falling Debris Accidents, Defective Tire or Brake Accidents

Medical Malpractice

The law firm of Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard has been representing injured clients throughout the state of Missouri due to medical negligence. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys will protect your rights in a court of law and help you receive the highest financial rewards possible to help cover medical expenses, ongoing rehabilitation, lost wages and pain and suffering. Our injury lawyers litigate all areas of medical negligence, including:

Surgical Errors, Improper Medical Diagnosis, Emergency Room Negligence, Spinal Cord Impingement, Failure to Diagnose Strokes & Heart Attacks, Failure to Diagnose Spinal Cord Injuries, Failure to Diagnose Cancer, Anesthesia Errors, Perforated Bowel Injury, Preeclampsia Complications, Birth Injury, and Prescription Error

Catastrophic Injury

A Catastrophic injury is an injury that permanently prevents a person from performing any gainful work and can leave them suffering from permanent disabilities for the rest of their life. Whether from an accident or the result of misdiagnosed illness, these injuries can have serious, long-term physical, emotional and financial effects on the victim and the victim’s family.

The injury lawyers of Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard have experience representing clients in all types of catastrophic injury cases, including:

Paralysis, Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and Closed Head Injury