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    Personal Injury and Car Accident

    With many in the Hispanic communities around Philadelphia having a limited ability to speak English; there’s been an increase number of agencies offering translation and interpreting services as well as emerging Latino lawyers.

    Finding a personal injury lawyer is rather easy, but finding one who speak Spanish can sometimes be a challenge. There are many Latinos in Philadelphia who are fully bilingual and speak both English and Spanish at home. However some members of the family prefer to deal with serious matters in Spanish.

    Compensation Settlements and Legal Assistance

    Whether or not you need a personal injury attorney all depends on the extent of your injury. Not every case needs the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

    It is advisable to consult a personal injury lawyer even for minor injury cases. These small injuries can later become a major medical problem requiring a lot of out of pocket medical expenses.

    The seriousness and extent of the injury also plays a role on the amount of compensation victims can recover for hospital and medical expenses along with future medical treatment.

    Dealing with injury cases requires a thorough investigation as well as ample experience, in order to settle for a fair compensation.

    Personal injury cases may include: medical malpractice, hurt in a car accident due to negligence, slip and fall, semi-truck collision, work related injuries, dog bites and more. These cases however need strong evidence that proves negligence, which in turn help an attorney demand the correct and fair compensation.

    Many cases can be settled without having going to courts but some are settled through a formal personal injury claims.

    Spanish Speaking Lawyers & Law Firms

    A Spanish speaking lawyer or law firm who handles personal injury cases may be able to help those who wish better understand the details of the legal process. It is common to see "Se Habla Español" on websites and in yellow page advertisements. These Spanish speaking lawyers in Philadelphia make an effort to serve the Hispanic communities in their area.

    The legal process in a lawsuit for a car accident can be rather cumbersome and lengthy; that's one reason so many Latinos in the Philadelphia area seek the assistance of a Spanish speaking personal injury lawyer or firm.

    Accidents happen on a daily basis in Pennsylvania; these include job related injuries such as those in construction work, car accidents, pedestrian, motorcycle and semi-truck accidents, slip and falls at places of business or supermarkets, dog and animal bites, nursing home and senior care abuse, medical negligence by a hospital or health practitioner, lost wages due to injuries and many more.

    If a friend, a loved one or you have been involved in a serious accident due to the negligence of another driver or the safety fault of a business, contact a Spanish speaking lawyer in Philadelphia today:

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