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Located in Virginia, the Law Offices of Ricky Malik, P.C. helps businesses and individuals all over the United States and World with their immigration needs. Their immigration lawyers have extensive experience with criminal immigration, asylum immigration, deportation proceedings, family visas, NACARA based immigration, u-visas, and many more immigration related matters.

Well-known and highly respected, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Ricky Malik, P.C. provide a full range of legal services to their clients, which give them significant advantage over other immigration attorneys.

Ricky Malik, Esq.

Attorney Ricky Malik was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the United States Board of Immigration Appeals for his hard work and advocacy in the field of Immigration Law.

He aggressively represents businesses and individuals and has successfully argued in the defense of his clients is all areas of immigration, including: Provisional Waivers, Special Immigrant Juvenile cases, Permanent Labor Certifications, Employment Based cases, Investor Visas, Non Immigrant Visas, Family Immigration, Preference Petitions, Consulate Processing, Visa Extensions, Naturalizations, Deportation Defense, Asylum and Federal Appellate Litigation

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The Law Offices of Ricky Malik, P.C. are committed to providing legal representation for all areas of corporate and individual immigration law, including:

Immigration (H1-B, B Visas, E/L Visas, TN, Immigrant Visas, Preference Categories, Diplomats, Journalists, Nurses, Temporary Protected Status, NACARA, Asylum), Labor Certification, Naturalization, Appellate Practice, Investment Visas, Deportation/ Removal Proceedings, Waivers, Motions to Reopen, Appeals, Employer Compliance

Criminal Defense / Crimmigration

For a person who is not yet a citizen of the United States, being charged with a crime can result in the most severe penalties. The Law Offices of Ricky Malik, P.C. aggressively represent clients from all over the state of Virginia, including:

Assault, DUI / DWI, Battery, Concealed Weapon Offenses, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Felony Firearm, Fighting, Firearm Possession, Hate Crimes, Spousal Abuse, Stalking, Vehicular Manslaughter, Violent Crime, Traffic Crimes, Hit and Run, Joyriding, Motor Vehicle Offenses, Suspended or Revoked License, Drug possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug smuggling, Possession with Intent to sell, Prostitution, Theft, Arson, Carjacking, Embezzlement, Grand Theft, Identity Theft, Larceny, Petty Theft, Property Crimes, Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property, Bribery, Extortion, Forgery and Fraud.