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For more than 50 years, The Family and Consumer Law Center of Claude Lefebvre, Christopher Lefebvre, P.C., has provided knowledgeable and fairly priced legal counsel to individuals and small businesses in the Pawtucket area. Founded by attorney Claude Lefebvre, his son, Christopher, an experienced attorney himself for more than two decades, continues that tradition of personal and affordable legal service that puts people first.

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The experienced bankruptcy lawyers at The Family and Consumer Law Center of Claude Lefebvre and Christopher Lefebvre, P.C. help individuals, families and businesses get past their crushing debt and back on their feet financially.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop repossession, harassing phone calls, wage garnishment and abusive debt collection tactics. It can even stop a foreclosure.

Personal bankruptcy can even help you begin to improve your credit rating and your financial situation. The personal bankruptcy attorneys at The Family and Consumer Law Center handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal and small business bankruptcies, as well as Chapter 12 family farm bankruptcy.

Family Law and Divorce

The goal of the divorce lawyers at the Family and Consumer Law Center is to provide their clients with fast, professional and affordable solutions that fit the needs of your family and your budget.

Divorce: Many issues can arise during a divorce: property division, spousal support/alimony, child custody and child support, child relocation, parenting plans, post-divorce modifications and enforcement of court orders.

Adoption: The family lawyers at the Family and Consumer Law Center can act as your representative with birth parents, adoption agencies and the courts. Prepare and file all necessary legal documents to complete a private adoption, step-parent adoption or related-family adoption.

Consumer Protection

At The Family and Consumer Law Center, our team of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will aggressively protect the rights of individuals who have been deceived by fraudulent mortgage lenders, abusive debt collectors and deceitful auto dealers.

We handle all Consumer Protection cases including:

Lemon law claims: If you purchased a new vehicle and are experiencing continual problems, you may have a claim under state and federal lemon laws.

Odometer or other auto fraud: We represent cases involving odometer rollback, failure to disclose prior damage, and auto financing misrepresentation.

Debt collection abuse: We protect our clients from abusive debt collectors who violate your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), as well as those clients who are victims of collection fraud.

Mortgage fraud: We protect the rights of individuals and their families, who signed mortgage agreements based on false or misleading statements. This includes misrepresentations about adjustable rate terms or interest rates.

Estate Planning

The legal team at The Family and Consumer Law Center can help prepare estate planning documents at an affordable price.

We assist with all areas of Estate Planning Law, including:

A Will: A will is the most common and cost-effective way to communicate who should receive your assets after your death. You can name guardians for your children and leave instructions for your funeral.

A Living Trust: A living trust distributes your assets after your death without your estate having to go through probate, which can be very time consuming and costly.

Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney is an essential tool that gives a person of your choice the ability to make decisions for you, to handle your financial affairs and to pay your bills should you or a family member become incapacitated.