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Experienced in criminal defense, traffic cases and an expert in family law and divorce in Illinois. Expect the utmost professionalism, knowledge and dedication to your case. We aim to provide high quality legal services. Our areas of legal specialty in Illinois include:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Case Defense Traffic / DUI / DWI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Law and Divorce Cases
  • Cases of Paternity, Visitation Rights and Child Custody
  • Real Estate and Eviction / Landlord Tenant Law
  • Cases in Federal Court

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    Whether facing criminal charges in Illinois or have to go to court to defend against a charge of illegal drugs, an offense / auto traffic offense such as as reckless driving driving with suspended or revoked license, driving under the influence (DUI / DWI), or a charge of theft in Illinois, or any crime (felony) or absence (misdemeanor), our criminal defense attorneys can help. Whether you are facing criminal charges in Illinois, it is very important to have competent and aggressive attorney at his side.

    Your lawyer should know how to negotiate effectively with the prosecutor and take into account your best interests and at the same time, be prepared to go to trial, not simply accept any offer from the prosecutor. As your attorney, we are not afraid to take your case before a judge or jury if necessary to obtain justice. We have handled hundreds of criminal cases in Illinois and we are here to answer your questions.

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    We are experts in divorce, child custody, child support and family law in Illinois. If you are in the midst of a divorce or a dispute over custody of your children, our lawyers can provide you with the knowledge and legal advice to make smart decisions to protect your family, children, property and financial future, which will be decided by a judge. Our attorneys help present your case efficiently.

    During these difficult times is important to have a legal services attorney who can negotiate effectively to resolve the case by mutual agreement and also to present its case aggressively and convincing when necessary. We have handled hundreds of family cases in Illinois and are ready to answer your questions about divorce, child custody, child support, adoption and family law in Illinois.