Attorney Redwood City California Divorce Child Custody

Divorce Child Custody Redwood City

Before you choose a divorce lawyer in the Redwood City, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco area, you should interview at least 4 different lawyers. The best divorce lawyers will allow a free telephone consultation of at least 30 minutes to briefly speak with future potential clients. If a divorce lawyer insists on being paid for a brief interview, consider other lawyers or family law attorneys in the area.

When you find a potential lawyer, ask for an appointment at their office. When meeting with a lawyer, ask questions about the services they provide, talk about your case and listen carefully to the answers he or she gives you. Make sure the all is written and documented in the attorney-to-client agreement. Also, make sure that you understand everything that is being told to you and what can happen to your case. If you cannot understand or have problems connecting with the family law layer, do not feel obligated to choose their services, keep looking.

Family Law Services

Child custody, relocation petitions, joint custody, marital and community assets, mixed assets and financial accounting, maintenance / alimony of the spouse, child support, parenting schedules / visitation, paternity, custody, collections, litigation, contempt of court, child support, child support modifications, prenuptial agreements, temporary restraining orders, false accusations of domestic abuse, representation of out-of-state divorces, and divorces for military personnel.

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