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At Carney & Marchi, we are committed to professionalism, caring, personal attention and achieving excellent results for our clients across Washington State. Whether resolving our clients' cases through settlement or trial, we work aggressively within the justice system to reach a successful and timely resolution to any criminal or immigration matter.

If you or a loved one is interested in working or living in the United States, or is threatened with Removal (Deportation) from the United States, we can help. Immigration laws in the United States have become more complicated since the events of September 11, 2001. New government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security have changed the immigration process significantly.

The attorneys at Carney & Marchi, know that the immigration and visa process can be confusing and complicated. We have a wide range of experience in immigration matters that we can put to work for you. 

We provide expert legal advice about United States immigration law; as well as legal representation to clients seeking entry to the United States. We serve:

· Professional workers
· Investors and Entrepreneurs
· Migrant workers
· Religious Workers
· Foreign or domestic businesses seeking to place employees in the U.S.
· Family members of current U.S. residents
· Diversity lottery recipients
· Students
· Refugees and those seeking political asylum
· Removal/Deportation Proceedings
· Individuals accused of a crime

With offices located in Seattle, Kennewick and Yakima, our legal team provides full-service professional legal advice and representation for your immigration and visa needs. We also speak Spanish.

Criminal Defense


At Carney & Marchi, we also represent non-citizens in state and federal criminal court. Our lawyers have represented individuals accused of minor crimes as well as serious ones. If you have friend or family member charged with a crime, we can help. Do not let a family member plead guilty to a crime and then find themselves in immigration custody because their criminal defense attorney did not know what the immigration implications are of a guilty plea. 

Why Hire Carney & Marchi, PS  

· You Need an Attorney with Experience
Our attorneys have over 20 years experience in dealing with complicated immigration law. 

· You Want It Done Right
Our lawyers work with the Department of Homeland Security every day. We are in immigration court on a regular basis and know the processes and procedures so your case is done right.

· You Want An Affordable Price
Hiring a lawyer is not just for the wealthy. Many cases take months or years to complete. We offer payment plans to fit just about any budget.


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