Car Accident Lawyer Chicago

Accidents, especially car accidents, are never planned. Victims of accidents, especially if injured are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by the insurance company. Whether the car accident was your fault or not, if you have been injured you need help fast. Your car insurance company, who you have paid loyally year after year all of a sudden slows down or doesn’t offer you the full amount you require to pay your medical bills or repair your car.

Here are two reasons why you should consult a personal injury lawyer following a car accident:

Underinsured or Uninsured-Motorist

Most states require drivers to have liability insurance to cover the costs of accident damages. The problem is that not all motorists carry the proper amount of coverage. Some choose the bare minimum of liability coverage, if they carry any at all. When these drivers get in an accident, the other driver can find themselves in a tight situation. The responsible party might not have enough insurance to cover all the damages. The minimum liability coverage required by most states is only $15,000, and that does not go very far especially when dealing with a total loss of the vehicle and medical expenses due to injury.

Negligence is Difficult to Prove

During a car accident lawsuit, the person filing the complaint has to prove that the defendant, the person who caused the accident, operated their vehicle negligently. This means you have to prove that the other driver acted in an unreasonable manner that put you in danger.

However, their actions must still be the direct cause of your injuries.

The defendant’s lawyer will put forth many reasons why their driving could not have been the primary source of the injuries. The result of this could be negating or reducing the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Having an experienced and qualified car accident lawyer in Chicago IL can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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