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The personal injury lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP have built their reputation for over 40 years by achieving excellent results for clients who have suffered an injury due to the fault of others.

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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, whether involved in an auto accident caused by a distracted or drunk driver, suffered a head or spinal injury or were injured on public or private property, it is essential you find a respected and experienced injury lawyer who is committed to achieving the best result in your case.

The attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP have experience in all types of personal injury law and are known throughout San Jose and Northern California as premier trial attorneys.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether due to an auto accident, unsafe conditions on private or public property, or a defective product, if you or a loved one has been injured, the number one thing people focus on is recovering and moving forward. Unfortunately, most injured people find this to be almost impossible. Between medical bills, missed work, prescription costs, therapy costs and struggling with the insurance company, trying to move forward can be difficult.

The legal team at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP is highly trained and experienced and fights tirelessly for injured clients so that they obtain the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Common Examples of Personal Injury Cases

An experienced personal injury lawyer can identify and explain the type of case you have and can help understand the legal process while working for you to protect your rights. While the details of injury cases vary, some of the most common types of personal injury cases are:

Auto Accidents

Whether your car accident involves passenger cars, semi-trucks, or motorcycle; if you were struck by another driver or were injured as a pedestrian, then you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

Slip-and-Fall Cases

Common causes of slip-and-fall injuries include wet floors, uneven sidewalks, unsafe stairs and loose carpeting. Usually, the property owner is responsible for these types of accidents.

Product Liability

If you were using a product as intended and sustained an injury, then you have the right to file a legal claim and seek compensation. The manufacturer or designer of the defective product is responsible for ensuring its safety.

Construction Accidents

If you were injured in a construction accident caused by someone other than your employer, then you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. An experience injury lawyer can help determine the exact cause of your injury, as well as who is responsible for your compensation.

Dog Bites

If you were attacked or bitten by a dog, then you have every right to seek compensation for your injuries. Dog owners have an obligation to control their animals.

Common Types of Injuries

No two personal injury cases are the same; each case has its own set of facts and circumstances to consider. However, there are a few common injuries that would make a person seek compensation for damages. These include:

Head or Brain Injuries – Traumatic brain injuries are complicated because they may not become apparent for weeks or even years after an accident and the effects can be temporary or permanent.

Spinal Injury – Serious neck and back injuries can be debilitating, causing temporary and even permanent paralysis.

Broken Bones – While broken bones may seem minor; between medical costs and the time off from work it takes to heal, a broken bone can result in significant financial damages.

Personal Injury Claims

Injuries as a result of an accident rarely affect just one part of your life. As such, the personal injury lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP will seek to recover compensation for all of your damages and losses. Common damages include:

Medical costs - This includes expenses for hospital stays, surgery, medications, rehabilitation treatments, specialized medical equipment and even permanent, ongoing therapy or medical care.

Lost wages - You can claim compensation for the time you missed work because of your injury. In some cases, this may also include any future wages lost due to ongoing medical treatments or reduced capacity to work.

Pain and suffering - Most personal injury claims include financial compensation for the physical pain you are experiencing and directly related to the severity of your injury.

Emotional distress /mental anguish -These damages compensate you for the emotional and psychological trauma of an injury.

Loss of consortium – If your injury impacts your relationship with your spouse, you may be able to claim additional damages.

Loss of enjoyment of life - You may be able to claim damages for loss of enjoyment of life if your injury permanently affects your lifestyle.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is truly heartbreaking. However, you may be able to take legal action if you believe your loved one died as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The wrongful death lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP can help you determine if you have a case and receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Common Causes for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

There are some common circumstances that require the legal representation of a wrongful death lawyer:

Car Accidents – If your loved one was involved in a car crash that resulted in his or her death

Workplace and Construction Accidents – If your loved one was killed while on the job as a result of unsafe conditions or defective equipment or the negligence of a third party

Defective Products/Defective Medications – Sometimes dangerous products and medications make it to market and lead to deaths.

In California, there are certain regulations and limitations that can affect who, how and when a person can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased loved one. A San Jose wrongful death lawyer can help determine if you have a valid case and help you through the legal process.

Types of Financial Compensation for Wrongful Death Claims

The wrongful death attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Some of the damages or financial compensation you can receive cover the following and more:

Funeral Expenses – This can cover everything from the costs of the casket, the headstone, to the funeral service.

Medical Bills – Any bills accrued as a result of the accident.

Loss of Income – If your loved one provided financial support to your household, lost wages, as well as the future income can be replaced.

Loss of Love and Moral Support – No amount of money could ever replace your loved one. However, you have the right to seek compensation for emotional hardship, including loss of attention, loss of affection, and loss of guidance.