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Axel B Gomez has served the greater Turlock, California marketplace as a licensed attorney since 1985. Fluent in Spanish, as well as the Castellano dialect, he has assisted many people with their bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury and general business legal needs.


Bankruptcy is a legal process in which a person who can no longer pay his or her bills can eliminate their debt and start over with a clean slate. The proceedings are begun with filing a petition with the Federal Bankruptcy Court. These documents disclose all a person's financial information including assets and liabilities. A bankruptcy may eliminate a person's obligations to pay some or all their debts.

Though there are many kinds of bankruptcy filings, the two most common are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called a “straight bankruptcy” is when a person's nonexempt assets are liquidated and most of their unsecured debts, such as credit cards and some loans, are discharged. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and called a “wage earner bankruptcy” is when a person can retain many of his or her assets, but is put on a 3 to 5 year payment plan paid on a monthly basis through a Trustee.


The law firm of Axel B. Gomez is dedicated to the legal practice of US Immigration. We handle immigration cases ranging from simple to very complex in all 50 states and from around the world. We specialize in immigration matters for individuals, businesses and for the entertainment industry, including matters of deportation and removal. We offer the highest caliber of legal service for very low prices and even offer payment plans at no extra cost. Upon request, telephone consultations can be made available.

Personal Injury

Axel B. Gomez provides high-quality representation for all types of personal injury and medical malpractice claims. We are committed to making sure you the full and appropriate settlement or jury award that you deserve for your injury.

We provide exceptional representation for injuries suffered in accidents such as:

Auto accidents, Truck accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Boat accidents, Dangerous premises accidents, Construction accidents, Dog bites, Doctor errors, Medical malpractice, Lawyer malpractice, Police brutality, Injuries from assault or sexual assault, Unsafe products, Wrongful death, Brain injuries, Birth injuries, Work injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Amputation, Burn injuries and Blindness


Axel B. Gomez understands that your business deserves uncompromising attention to your business needs and the prompt handling of time sensitive issues and consistent professional excellence.

Our corporate law practice deals with the legal formalities of a business. From business formation to establishing the direction and management of the business, Axel B. Gomez can help guide your company in corporate governance and operations matters.

Our legal office in Turlock CA focuses on all areas of corporate law including: Corporate bylaws, Mergers and acquisitions, Subsidiary formation, Minutes of the board, Long-term risk assessment, Commercial real estate transactions, and Shareholder meetings


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