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For nearly two decades, Attorney Abel Alvarado has been aggressively and exclusively representing injured workers. He is dedicated to helping people and not corporations in the area of Workers’ Compensation.

As an advocate for those workers who are injured on the job; Attorney Alvarado knows that unfair situations require strong actions. If you or a loved one is injured while on the job, and you are unable to work, then ultimately there is no money coming in and no food on the table for your family – all because an insurance company is delaying or denying your claim. Sometimes surgeries, treatments and physical therapies are delayed causing slow recoveries and poor medical results. These are a few examples of the legal issues Attorney Alvarado litigates for his clients.


Work Comp Benefits - Work Law

It is Attorney Abel Alvarado’s goal to help those workers, who are injured to obtain the best possible awards for their injuries.

Under the Workers Compensation Laws in Colorado, a person injured while at work, whether a medical injury or occupational disease, is entitled to disability pay, medical expenses and other benefits. As an employee, if you are not able to work for more than three days due to your injury, then you are entitled to compensation based on your weekly earnings prior to your injury or illness.

If you were injured while on the job, even if your negligence caused your injury, you should be aware that you only have so much time to have the appropriate paperwork submitted. All the rules and procedures must be followed exactly or you might not get all the benefits and services you have a legal right to receive. Let Attorney Abel Alvarado help! With his office conveniently located in Denver, he has helped many families across the state of Colorado obtain the Workers Compensation benefits they deserve.